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Dragon 76

Dragon 76

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A work that touches the soul of the viewer with a touch that is passionate and full of vitality based on street art.

The style is constantly evolving, producing works with the theme of the coexistence of conflicting things such as past and future, stillness and movement, justice and evil.

In 2016, he moved his base to NY, and left a mural in the street art scene around the world to spread its name.

Wins three times at ART BATTLE NY, wins US CHAMPION in 2018, becomes the first US champion.

A camp festival produced by DRAGON76 was held in Hino Town, Shiga Prefecture for two days.

We handle a wide range of business such as corporate advertisements, collaboration products, and visual design.

Published the first picture book “ALOHA LETTER” (text / Ayumu Takahashi) in 2019. I completed the largest 13,000 square feet mural in Texas for the United Nations ZERO HUNGER project in 2021.