Insane51 | Reggae Rise Up Artist


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“I am a Greek mural artist that started as a graffiti writer in 2007! I studied in Athens School of Fine Arts, but I also studied graphic art and applied arts!

What I am basically known for is my street art in 3D, an art which is called “Double Exposure 3D”. My specialization wanders around the notions of photorealism, and overlaying images. What I actually do is adding two images in both red & cyan and overlapping these two to create a three- dimensional illusionary effect. In order to get a clear view of the two layers, people use our 3-D glasses, digital color-filters or our characteristic glasses-installations that we have sometimes installed in front of my murals. In addition, I have also created various “moving” digital designs.

Inspired by everyday life and nature, I am always on the go, travelling around the globe in order to make the world’s murals a little bit more exciting, but that’s my point of view.”