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South Florida based musician Joey Calderaio continues his rise to the top of the American Reggae scene with an outstanding assortment of releases, collaborations, and live performances. Recently hitting 1.3 million Spotify streams and another 200k+ across all platforms in a near decade of his music career, Joey has become a household name when it comes to the genre by fusing rock, reggae, pop, and many other musical influences to his extensive catalogue. He has worked with some of the best and fellow rising artists in the reggae-rock scene like his latest 2022 singles Foolish Games ft. Nathan Aurora (of Iya Terra), Wave of Life ft. Howi Spangler (of Ballyhoo!), and Paradise ft. Sierra Lane. He’s also worked with notable musicians like Ted Bowne (of Passafire), Mihali (of Twiddle), Karim Israel (of Arise Roots ), and Dubbest; all who’ve contributed to Joey’s success.

Not only has Joey’s rise been attributed to his many collaborations, but also due to his creative musical fascinations in song-writing, production, live-looping capabilities, and social media presence. He re-released his freshman album Moving Mountains (Deluxe Edition) in December 2021 and has a wide collection of covers, dub mixes, and acoustic renderings of his many tracks. Joey is also well-known for creating one-man band style videos, playing multiple instruments and singing covers of fan-favorite jams. This series helped cultivate a substantial and loyal following by sharing those videos on Instagram, YouTube, and his Facebook group “Joey’s Bag of Donuts.” It’s also worth noting that he’s landed a powerful backing of talented South Florida musicians to perform alongside him on tours, festivals, and local shows. His band has performed nationally at many different festivals and concerts including: Sunfest 2022 (mainstage), Reggae Rise Up FL 2021, Mountain High Vibes Festival, Orange Bowl VIP Party, Reggae 4 Cure (opening act for Ky-Mani Marley), and Summer Daze Concert Series (opening act for Tribal Seeds, The Expanders, and Badfish).

If you visit his YouTube Channel you’ll notice the extensive list of his cover songs, live performances, and beautifully-edited lyric videos. You can catch Joey performing multiple shows weekly all over Florida.  His new 15-track album ‘Chasing Constellations’ just released in November 2022. Catch him at a show near you!