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Knotty Designs & Woodworks

Knotty Designs & Woodworks

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We like to incorporate live edge into a lot of our products. Every piece is hand finished. We take a lot of pride in our work. All different size picture frames starting at 4″x6″ to 18″x24″ Concert poster frames. Small and big candleholders in a variety of shapes and sizes. Wall art decorations. Computer stands. Live edge tables. Bedframes.

It turns out after 15 years in the construction industry I really come to appreciate art and handmade work. I started making poster frames for our concert posters. So we started a business to get these works of art to other people for them to enjoy!

We have various types of wood native to Virginia. Red & white Oak, Hickory, Black Walnut, Rare Reclaimed Redwood and ELM, Sassafras, Cedar, Maple, Beech, Sweetgum, and Pine