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Then, Now, Always

Then, Now, Always

Then, Now, Always is appearing at...

  • Jun 23, 2023 Baltimore Peninsula Baltimore, MD
    Reggae Rise Up Maryland Festival 2023 Rebelution, Stick Figure, Damian Marley, Iration & many more!
    $45-$300 | ALL AGES | 12:00 pm

At Then, Now, Always, we remind people that they are deeply loved and known,  created to bring life into this world and their relationships. We connect people back to their true Creator who has loved them always. He does so now, and He always will. We create moments to awaken what is holy inside people who are searching for purpose in a world full of man-made, temporary, and unfulfilling things. Through our clothing line, conversations at festivals, retreats, online mentoring, and selected social media interaction, we provide people the vital space to dig deeply into the questions that keep them up at night. The big ones, about life, death, faith, love, and eternity. Getting to the bottom of those things can take quite some time and we have the patience, encouragement, listening ears, and reservoirs of unconditional love to be with them all the way. We know it’s a struggle for most people to just be present. With Then, Now, Always, all are welcome to simply be and seek. Hold our hand, we’ll do that together.