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Two Joints Surf Co.

Two Joints Surf Co.

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Two Joints isn’t your average apparel company; we’re like the sick mixtape you find in your grandma’s attic — wildly unexpected. Picture us as that beachside dive bar filled with classic games, bikini babes, and neon lights…nostalgic, fun, and always ready for a good time. Two Joints isn’t just a brand; it’s a community fueled by the love of creativity and those good vibes you can’t help but like.

So…what’s the story?

In 2021, Two Joints was born, courtesy of Nicholas Nash Pell – an entrepreneur and beach bum hailing from the Tampa Bay area. This brand’s mission? Crafting kick-ass, weird-but-cool, high-quality, and probably offensive attire that gives off “Wow, I’m definitely getting laid tonight.” vibes (hopefully…we believe in you).

After a lifetime of grinding, partying, catching waves, and living it up on the West coast of Florida, Nick felt there needed to be a seismic shift in the apparel industry’s landscape. Amidst all of the iconic surf and lifestyle brands that we all love, he noticed a void – a lack of premium, edgy, cannabis-friendly, coastal gear that could keep pace with the ever-changing, dynamic, and fun lifestyles of people within our community.

At Two Joints, we’re all about creating whatever we think is cool, and unsurprisingly, we don’t care about conforming. Our love of beaching, music, surfing, the ocean, and music is really important to us and has played a significant role in sculpting the very essence of our brand—essentially, the fuel that propels and defines our vision. We’re not just making clothes; we’re curating an entire vibe, and music isn’t just a soundtrack; it’s part of the soul of Two Joints. Our mantra is simple: Be yourself, don’t be afraid to take chances, and for f*ck’s sake, don’t take life too seriously. It’s a fun ride, so enjoy your journey and Stay Vibed.