Fortunate Youth Releases New Self-Titled Album

Feb 13

“We come a long way, we’ve paid a lot of dues, just to bring these vibes to you.”

Hermosa Beach natives Fortunate Youth have just released their latest, self-titled album “Fortunate Youth”. In just five years from their debut release, “Irie State of Mind”, Fortunate Youth have worked to put out around an album a year and have established themselves as a household name within the domestic Reggae scene.

In a recent album review for “Fortunate Youth”, Brian Winters of The Pier wrote: “Since their 2012 debut album Irie State of Mind, Fortunate Youth has continuously progressed their sound while maintaining the roots the band formed around. In a few short years, FY has gone from an eye-catching opening act to a heavily demanded headliner. With the release of their self-titled 5th studio album, the Hermosa Beach 6-piece further solidifies their position among reggae’s upper echelon.”

After working with Fortunate Youth last year on Reggae Rise Up Florida 2016, and seeing the massive amount of progress they’ve made as we lead into this year’s festival, we would have to agree. Sonically, Fortunate Youth stays true to form on the new release – roots reggae with a lot of funky guitar solos, deep-grooving bass lines, Travi Bongos’ percussive flavorings, and singer Dan Kelly’s signature vocal style.

The first single off the album, ‘“Left My Love In California”, is an upbeat, ska-tinted, song that aims to express the bittersweet nature of life in a touring band – being blessed with the incredible opportunity to travel the world sharing your music, but at the same acknowledging the distance that the lifestyle places between you and the ones you love while you’re away. As would be expected, the music video features some incredible footage of California.

The second single, “Friends & Family”, is a slower-paced, feel-good dedication to the deeper relationships in our lives. A reminder to be grateful for and be present with the ones you love. The accompanying music video, which is more of a family slideshow than music video, is an honest and authentic look into the lives of the band, featuring dozens of old family photos from each of the band members along with more recent video clips interspersed within.

The track we’re most excited about however is “Irie State”, featuring Slightly Stoopid’s Kyle McDonald. Much like “Left My Love In California”, “Irie State” is another homage to the band’s home state and, more specifically, the amazing cannabis that comes out of it. Given that both bands are scheduled to perform at this year’s festival, we’re crossing our fingers for a live guest performance during Fortunate Youth’s set at Reggae Rise Up Florida 2017.

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