Spawnbreezie Brings His Blend of Island Fusion Hip-Hop to Salt Lake

Sep 7

Kansas City native Spawnbreezie has been inspired by music since childhood, learning to play drums and the piano before even entering grade school. As he grew older his skills as a musician naturally developed and he began performing in his family’s island music band called “Le Atalua Breeze Band“. When he went solo in 2009 he took the breeze family band name with him, adding it to the end of his chosen stage name during his time with Le Atalua, thus launching himself independently as an artist while paying homage to his familial roots.

Growing up in the states with an appreciation of the mainstream sounds of the American music landscape while learning and performing the music native to his family’s cultural background eventually lead Spawnbreezie to creating a unique sound all his own. These varied influences organically inspired the fusing of hip-hop percussion, skanky reggae riffs, and soulful island style vocals that have collectively been described as “Island Hip Hop.”

In his songwriting Spawnbreezie works to express emotion and share experiences through his lyricism in a way that keeps his music relatable while continuously striving to break boundaries through the fusing of genres. His biggest hit, “Oh My Goodness”, comes from his breakthrough album,”Dear Billy”, and is a fan favorite boasting over 4.9 Million views.

A single called “Karma” off his most recent EP release features an upbeat skanky rhythm with soulful lyrics describing the experience of being on either side of unrequited love.

Spawnbreezie is currently on tour with the Brooklyn-based family reggae band New Kingston and is making a stop in Salt Lake City to party with the Reggae Rise Up family tonight at Elevate!

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Words by Todd Whitelow Jr.