Summer Survivors Release “Chaser” Official Music Video

Mar 1

Sarasota’s Summer Survivors just released a brand new music video today for their latest single “Chaser”. Directed by Reggae Rise Up media partner Jeff Pliskin/Raised Fist Propaganda, the video is a lighter take on the heavier subject of drug addiction – using a gorilla chasing bananas (all costumed members of the band) as a pretty self-explanatory metaphor. Both Jeff and the band assured us that no gorillas were harmed in the making of this video. 😉

Summer Survivors formed in 2013 with an initial three-piece lineup that consisted of Paul King (Guitar/Vocals),  John Widmann (Guitar/Vocals), and Edward Clark (Bass), who started the band to engage in and promote a lifestyle more fulfilling than the vices and temptations that they found themselves surrounded by in the scene.

We recently linked up with Paul from Summer Survivors for a short Q&A…

Q: What is the meaning behind the name Summer Survivors?

A: Summer Survivors is a play on words. Some are Survivors. Summer Survivors comes from despairing and angst against lives ruined by addiction. Being a recovered opiate addict myself, and John having close family ties with addiction, the named seemed a perfect fit. Some are Survivors rings true in so many ways. So many lives get crushed by prescription pill and drug addiction every year. Families torn apart lives taken, years lost. The name Summer Survivors is for everyone who has survived such loss and for everyone still struggling with the disease. Some are survivors, and some aren’t, but everyone needs to know it is possible to survive and worth every minute of a life spent away from the grip of addiction. All that and being from Florida is how the name Summer Survivors came to be.

Q: How did you guys link up with Raised Fist Propaganda and Jeff?

A: We have always been a fan of Jeff’s work with Slightly Stoopid and Fortunate Youth. Our great friend Jen Z. got us hooked up with him, and he was willing to come down to Florida and do the video with us. It was a pleasure working with Jeff and we are looking forward to working with him for years to come.

Q: What’s the concept of the song and video and why did you choose it to be shared in this medium with Raised First?

A: We wanted to use the hype of us being on Reggae Rise Up Festival this year and do something fun and exciting. We’ve had the idea of the concept for the video for some time now. So together with Greg Shields, Aric Frank, and Nova Sango Studio here in Sarasota, we spent a few days writing and recording “Chaser” around the concept of a gorilla chasing bananas. Chaser is a metaphor for things that we as humans seek. It could be drugs, alcohol, sex, money, fame, or anything we seem to have a problem moderating in our lives. The gorilla chasing bananas gave this video a lighter side to it. We wanted to have a music video that was different and unique from others, and that would stand out and be fun to film.

Q: What can we expect from Summer Survivors in the upcoming year?

A: We are currently booking our first national tour this summer. We are looking forward to seeing the US and spreading our message and music with the masses. We are currently writing for our next full-length album that can be expected sometime early 2018!

Watch “Chaser” below and catch Summer Survivors live at Reggae Rise Up Florida at Vinoy Park this Sunday on the Vibe Stage.

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